Me at LIGO Hanford About me I am an assistant professor in physics at Syracuse University! I'm looking for grad students, postdocs, and undergrads to work in my lab. If you're interested please reach out!

Georgia Mansell

Assistant Professor in Physics, Syracuse University

Hello and welcome to my website!

Panorama of Rattlesnake Mountain and the LIGO beam tube
Rattlesnake Mountain (Lalíik) and the LIGO Hanford X arm


My research interests include:

I am an experimental physicist and my expertise is in gravitational wave detector instrumentation, commissioning, and squeezed states of light. I am currently based at the LIGO Hanford Observatory in Washington, and will come to Syracuse in 2023. My lab at Syracuse will focus on developing technologies for future gravitational-wave detectors, like cosmic explorer. Future gravitational wave detectors promise to have even greater sensitivity than the current generation. To achieve this they will need higher circulating power, which will require a next-generation thermal compensation system. In addition, improved quantum noise reduction schemes will be required. In my lab we will work on tabletop experiments demonstrating these principles.

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